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When you’re passionate about something, it is easy to want to spend every moment indulging in learning more on the subject. That’s one of the reasons why podcasts have been such a hit.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of variety to be found within the world of podcasts. There are hundreds of different genres and niches worth checking out, including those with a philosophical bend. Here are some of the best podcasts for philosophy lovers.

Elucidations Podcast

Elucidations Podcast is hosted by Matt Teichman, with occasional guest hosts Ben Andrew and Steven Chen. The podcast originates from the University of Chicago. Once a month, Teichman has a guest philosopher come by and explain different philosophical topics.

Philosophize This!

Philosophize This! is the perfect podcast for anyone looking for a brief overview of different philosophical topics. It’s hosted by Stephen West and runs about a half-hour per episode. 

Philosophy 24/7

Philosophy 24/7 is another podcast that only updates once a month, but when it does, it provides hour-long content. Hosted by David Edmonds (From the BBC), Philosophy 24/7 provides an insightful take on philosophy that is very approachable for beginners.

The Partially Examined Life

If you’re looking for a podcast with a more extensive cast of hosts, check out The Partially Examined Life. Mark Linsenmayer created the idea, with Seth Paskin, Wes Alwan, and Dylan Casey all joining up to help out. 

The Philosopher’s Zone

Hosted by David Rutledge, The Philosopher’s Zone takes a close look at modern philosophy. Rutledge focuses on emerging philosophical issues and trends, as well as ethical concerns, metaphysics, and more. 

Philosophy Talk

Philosophy Talk is run by three Stanford University professors and is perfect for those looking for a more academic take on philosophy podcasts. Together, John Perry, Ken Taylor, and Joshua Landy provide a formal understanding of the subject.

In Our Time

Are you looking for a podcast with a bit more variety? In Our Time is a podcast split into five segments: history, culture, religion, science, and philosophy. Hosted by Melvyn Bragg, this podcast is a hit. It covers different philosophers and their work, including the history surrounding their ideas.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps provides precisely what it promises: a history of philosophy without any gaps in between. Hosted by Peter Adamson, it delves into the foundations of philosophy, using historical context to help create a more robust understanding.